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Flying Fur (11) (1)_edited.png


Flying Fur (11) (1)_edited.png

We specialize in small exotic animals. 



"We're off to a great start. I had them outside in the spare pen to meet the other ducks which went well. They then came in for a nice bath and splash. I gave the girl a pedicure on her bad leg... And now they are meeting our deck ducks. They have been really good with all handling so far "

Guinea Pigs Spirit and Pumpkin have been adopted are living their best lives now!
spirit and pumpkin.png

Meet Winnie

"Winnie is doing great, 70lbs and a wild personality. She is great with children and elderly we are so grateful to have her in our lives. Thank you!"

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Winnie 3.jpg
Winnie 2.jpg
Winnie 4.jpg
"Just a quick update to send you appreciation and gratitude.  Phoenix is an outstanding cat.  Loving his life and we love him very much.  He chats often.  Mostly it means open the door, but we wish we spoke more fluent cat.  Thank-you that we have him in our lives.  He is a great joy.  Been with us for a year now and hoping for at least eighteen more. Phoenix is an angel. He chats with us well and shows us how to fill his desires.  He has killed his first rat and must have done so quickly, so we are pleased he wants to fill this service with honour and integrity.   He is bold with all the dogs and is even beginning to teach one of our cats to play.   Our Jack Russell will also be happy to play (he plays with the same cat) and is glad to be inclusive should Phoenix chooses."
success story Bob and Ross - edited.png

“Bob and Ross are doing phenomenal. They are almost completely litter trained and are very very entertaining especially with the little popcorn zoomies. They have little minion costumes for Halloween and a Santa hat for Christmas.”

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